Snippet: US-CERT: Stop Using Your Remotely Exploitable Netgear Routers ☇

Shared on December 12, 2016

Ms. Smith for Network World (via Ben Brooks):

Netgear router owners, I hope you have a spare router—at least those of you with remotely exploitable models—since US-CERT recommended discontinuing use of router models that are vulnerable to arbitrary command injection.

Which models? Right now it looks like Netgear R7000, R6400 and R8000 routers, but there may be more. Should you really take this seriously and unplug your router? You betcha, since US-CERT said it is “trivial” to exploit this vulnerability. Visit a booby-trapped page, and whammo! An attacker would be saying hello to root privileges on your router.

Most of these are the higher-end models, but certainly concerning and leads me to wonder what other exploits might exist for other routers with sloppy code out there.

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