Snippet: Wacom Drawing Tablets Track the Name of Every Application That You Open ☇

Shared on February 5, 2020

Robert Heaton (via John Gruber):

Last week I set up my tablet on my new laptop. As part of installing its drivers I was asked to accept Wacom’s privacy policy.

Being a mostly-normal person I never usually read privacy policies. Instead I vigorously hammer the “yes” button in an effort to reach the game, machine, or medical advice on the other side of the agreement as fast as possible. But Wacom’s request made me pause. Why does a device that is essentially a mouse need a privacy policy? I wondered. Sensing skullduggery, I decided to make an exception to my anti-privacy-policy-policy and give this one a read.

While I understand people need tools like this for their jobs, perhaps we should start a wholesale rejection of behavior like this.

Update: Wacom has issued a statement on the matter, complete with opt-out instructions.

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