Snippet: We Shot Our March Magazine Issue with iPhones ☇

Shared on February 22, 2016

Elyssa Goldberg for Bon Appétit:

You intentionally grab a café table next to the window on overcast days and you’re a pro at tinkering with your eggy photos on VSCO, but have you ever gone on a professional photoshoot with just your iPhone? Imagine the surprise the photographers we worked with on our March Culture Issue experienced when they got the call saying they’d have to ditch their DSLRs and tethers for the hippest pocket camera around. We spoke with the photographers who made the issue happen and found out what they think of a print magazine going full-on Instagram (at least, the 43 pages in the magazine feature well) for an issue.

Stories like this are always fun to hear as the capabilities of smartphone cameras improve.

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