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Snippet: We’ve Changed ☇

Shared on February 3, 2020

Joe Cieplinski adds to the conversation about Apple Malaise:

I think it’s time we face the fact that sure, Apple has changed. It’s gotten bigger. More corporate. More mistakes are falling through the cracks. But also, we’ve changed as a community. We’ve become ridiculously jaded. I can’t post anything remotely positive about Apple anymore without getting called a fanboy behind my back. Rene Ritchie can’t set the record straight with his patented brand of fighting FUD with a laundry list of reality without getting labeled a shill. We reward people for complaining, and we shame anyone who says anything positive.

But here’s the thing. I keep doing it anyway. Because every time I post an opinion that goes against the accepted conventional wisdom, along with the haters come two or three people who say “Hey thanks. I thought I was nuts for thinking Touch Bar is actually pretty cool.” Or, “I agree Apple Maps is actually better than Google Maps for my purposes.”

I’m not expecting other Apple writers and podcasters to be cheerleaders about everything, but there are some common themes that come up as generally “bad.” People like Cieplinski who are ignoring all of this and writing about their experiences inspires me.

I’ve got a few things that may not be large enough for their own posts, but they’ve been bouncing around in my head, so I’ll share. Apple Maps has been fine for everything I do, and I haven’t had Google Maps on my phone for years. The Apple Card could use a few more features, but has been pretty good (and let’s face it, many companies have co-branded credit cards, so Apple hasn’t somehow turned heel and is trying to screw over everyone with debt). I’ve gotten used to the Apple TV remote and still like the Apple TV in general. While the iPad has some awkward moments, it’s been my favorite computer for a good stretch of the last decade.

I feel a bit better, how about you?

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