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Snippet: Where Apple Went Wrong ☇

Shared on June 14, 2013

Chris Winn:

When I showed my friend, who hadn’t seen the keynote, he said, “Those stupid Windows phones. Wait, FaceTime?”

When I showed my sister, she immediately said, “what a big step back.”

When I showed my wife the new home screen her first reaction was, “Can I not upgrade?”

These are not the tech elite or snarky hipsters. These are everyday, casual users of the iPhone.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but a design can be objectively bad. Despite some important functional design improvements, much of what Apple displayed at WWDC was simply not show-quality.

Out of everything that I’ve read this week, this piece asked the most important question—what happens when the non-tech types load iOS 7 on their phones in a few months? It could become a pop-culture mess like Maps or the Lightning connector were last fall, and may even send some away from the platform.

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