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Snippet: Where Is David Pogue’s iPhone? ☇

Shared on August 2, 2012

New York Times columnist David Pogue lost his iPhone while on a train. Although it was on Find My iPhone for awhile, then disappeared, and then reappeared again. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, iCloud, Twitter, and some kindhearted, helpful people, they managed to find it. I hear they’re working on a film adaptation:

To my astonishment, the “find Pogue’s phone” quest went instantly viral. investigated the area and posted street photos of the house. Local twitterites contacted the Prince George’s County police department themselves. All manner of Web sites picked up the quest. “The @Pogue Stolen iPhone Saga is the future of entertainment. Day off is being spent glued to @Gizmodo reading updates,” tweeted one person.

Also, Gizmodo knows a bit about missing iPhones, don’t they?

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