Snippet: Who’s Running the App Store? ☇

Shared on July 5, 2012

Between corrupt binaries and now approving an app that uploads your contacts and sends SMS messages on your behalf, it seems whoever was left in charge of the App Store over the July 4 holiday was asleep at the wheel.

Once installed, the app asks you to register your phone number and email address. Find and Call will also ask if you want to “find friends in a phone book” before discretely uploading your entire contact list to a remote server. The app will continue to upload your contacts, and will SMS messages to those people that contain a link to download the app themselves. These SMS messages show up as if they were sent from your number, so the recipients are much more likely to click on the link.

Update: Apple has not only removed the Find and Call app, but fixed the corrupt binary issues and removed bad ‘current version’ reviews as a result. Good moves.

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