Snippet: Why Can’t You Be More Like Apple? ☇

Shared on March 22, 2012

At the question and answer session of Hewlett-Packard’s annual shareholder meeting, CEO Meg Whitman was asked repeatedly why HP was not as innovative or successful as nearby Apple:

For instance, one individual recounted how he had asked Apple co-founder Steve Jobs years ago how his company planned to compete with bigger PC makers like HP. Jobs reportedly told him that Apple products are “just better” and their technology is “years ahead of the competition, especially in mobile.”

“[Jobs has] been correct,” the shareholder noted, pointing out that Apple is now worth more than 10 times HP’s market cap. He went on to say that Apple had succeeded in a space where HP “used to be dominant.”

“Do you think HP was and is innovative enough?” he asked Whitman.

Ouch. Post-PC era indeed.

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