Snippet: Why I Bought an iPhone 8 Plus After Using the iPhone X ☇

Shared on April 28, 2018

Dan Frakes:

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone X is the best phone for everyone right now. In fact, it’s not even the best one for me. After five months of long-term testing an iPhone X, it was recently time to return my review unit, so I had to buy a new phone for myself. (I had handed my previous personal iPhone down to a family member.) After weeks of indecision, I bought an iPhone 8 Plus instead of an iPhone X.

You’ve likely read at least a handful of “iPhone X vs. 8” articles by now, and maybe dozens of iPhone X reviews. So rather than give you a rundown of the spec-sheet differences between the two models, I’m going to focus on the differences I actually noticed in the course of using both models extensively—the iPhone X for five months, and the 8 Plus for a couple months before that and for a few weeks since.

I purchased an iPhone 8 Plus over an iPhone X for a few reasons—I could get it unlocked, it seemed like it was an interation of a proven design, the lower price was attractive, and I could try the Plus-sized devices. I really like the iPhone 8 Plus, and know that something iPhone X-like will inevitably be in my future in the coming years. In the meantime, most of the reasons I like mine fall in line with the comparisons in the article.

(I also wish that Apple would release the PRODUCT(RED) models alongside the others, as I would’ve opted for that, but also didn’t want to wait six months for a different color of a six-month-old iPhone.)

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