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Snippet: Why I’m Returning My iPad mini ☇

Shared on November 7, 2012

Guest writing for VentureBeat, Rocky Agrawal starts his article with something that reeks of Internet trolling:

After less than a week, I’m ready to return my iPad mini.

…but MG Siegler manages to get past the initial stink to find a minty twist:

But wait.

Why is Rocky Agrawal returning his iPad mini? To get an LTE version with more storage because he loves the device so much and wants to pay more for a better version. That’s not just a misleading headline, it’s some next-level trolling right there.

In light of Marco Arment’s comments on linking (and Siegler made a reference to it), Agrawal does make some good points, just with a poor—or excellent—article title.

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