Snippet: Why Platformer is Leaving Substack ☇

Shared on January 12, 2024

Casey Newton:

After much consideration, we have decided to move Platformer off of Substack. Over the next few days, the publication will migrate to a new website powered by the nonprofit, open-source publishing platform Ghost. If you already subscribe to Platformer and wish to continue receiving it, you don’t need to do anything: your account will be ported over to the new platform. […]

This was the moment where I started to think Platformer would need to leave Substack. I’m not aware of any major US consumer internet platform that does not explicitly ban praise for Nazi hate speech, much less one that welcomes them to set up shop and start selling subscriptions. […]

Substack’s tools are designed to help publications grow quickly and make lots of money — money that is shared with Substack. That design demands responsible thinking about who will be promoted, and how.

The company’s defense boils down to the fact that nothing that bad has happened yet. But we have seen this movie before, from Alex Jones to anti-vaxxers to QAnon, and will not remain to watch it play out again.

In case you haven’t been following the whole saga, Substack has basically taken the stance that anyone who is making money on their platform can stay, regardless of how toxic the viewpoints are. By doing this, it’s not surprising that some larger publications like Platformer are thinking of setting up shop somewhere other than a bar that gradually found itself becoming a Nazi bar.

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