Snippet: Why Tim Cook is Not Like Steve Ballmer ☇

Shared on April 23, 2013

MG Sielger takes to his own blog to refute Nick Wingfield’s post for The New York Times:

Under Ballmer, Microsoft’s stock price has never been higher than when he took over. That was January of 2000 and the stock was around $100 a share. The closest the stock has come to that again under Ballmer was around $50 a share, leading up to the stock split in 2003. Since then, the stock has basically hovered in the $20s a share range for a decade.

In other words, when you point out that Cook’s tenure has seen a collapse of Apple’s stock price, it’s silly not to mention that it was a fall from the unbelievable highs that he also presided over. With Ballmer, he’s presided over a loss of the market value that was run up by his predecessor, Bill Gates.

Siegler makes some excellent points, although sadly I wonder what the ratio of smart, tech-savvy readers to his blog is to finicky, emotional investors to Wingfield’s post.

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