Snippet: Windows Messenger, Beware the Ides of March ☇

Shared on January 9, 2013

Microsoft officially announced an end date for MSN Windows Messenger, as reported by Kelly Clay for Forbes:

Today’s email to users went out with the subject, “Important info about your Messenger account”, along with a bold statement in the email announcing that “It’s time to update Messenger to Skype!” As this shift has been in the news for several months, the email didn’t come as a surprise to many users – but as March 15 is not exactly very far into the future, those who weren’t aware will now be forced to make a quick (and perhaps rough) transition.

It seems the transition should be smooth—I’m surprised Microsoft did this and didn’t try to keep ten different versions and similar products going simultaneously. How about they take note of this and simplify some other product lines?

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