Snippet: Wink Bricks Some Hubs ☇

Shared on April 20, 2015

Wink sent out an email to some affected customers:

To cut to the chase: We need your Wink Hub back. We’ll update it and get it back to you within a few days. We’ve done all we can to make the process as simple as possible — Just click here.

We’re terribly embarrassed by this whole situation. This outage was completely preventable and caused by a security measure that was put in place to protect you and your family. Unfortunately we failed to make an update to a security measure that was expiring, and therefore locked down your Hub’s access to the server.

It’s unfortunate that this happened, especially since the Wink platform has been slowly, but surely getting more bug-free, but it’s nice that the company owned up to the issue right away and offered $50 towards more products for anyone affected. I still wish there was a local mode that allows your phone to directly control your devices, but for now, the fix worked.

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