Snippet: Working on the iPad: One Year Later, Still a Favorite Computer ☇

Shared on February 22, 2016

Federico Viticci for iPadStories MacStories:

In some corners of the Apple community, too, the iPad has suffered from faltering evangelism due to an unwillingness to recognize iOS as a valid productivity environment. Across multiple blogs and publications, the “you can’t get work done on an iPad” argument morphed from intriguing criticism to inconclusive meme that failed to understand the improvements of iOS 8 and iOS 9. For example, a common take on using the iPad as a primary computer I’ve seen is to dismiss it as “jumping through hoops” or, more amusingly, as “masochism”. Some of these opinions stem from a one-sided (and often patronizing) perspective: they usually come from programmers who have to use Macs – and only Macs – for a living.

There will always be people who want to paint their use case as the only way. For me, I still need a Mac for a few things, but after picking up an iPad Air 2 (after selling a mostly-unused third-generation iPad and going without for 8 months), I find that I like using my iPad more, even though there are a handful of areas that it’s objectively worse. Viticci explains it best:

And that is, really, the key point of working on the iPad with iOS 9: it’s fun. I find it enjoyable, powerful, and still as intuitive as iOS has always been.

Sometimes technology is about finding the best tool for the job, while other times it’s exploring new ways to do things and enjoying yourself. What might work for someone might not work for someone else, so articles like this are always a great read.

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