Snippet: WWDC 2018 Idle Thoughts ☇

Shared on June 9, 2018

Gabe Weatherhead:

In all truth, I feel much better about my status as an Apple fan after the 2018 keynote. In many ways, it felt like an acknowledgement of two major categories of buyers: The young and the old. It’s fine to joke about MeMoji and the silliness of 32 person FaceTime parties but that’s the stuff that will pull in younger users. There are very few 11 year olds that want sudo access to their shell. But then we get things like dark mode and audio APIs for the watch. That’s clearly targeting us old crusty folks that like to shake sticks at things.

Any time that Apple introduces some new, “fun” features to iOS, a lot of tech writers complain that it doesn’t appeal to them, so it’s a sign the company is unfocused and missing a step. Instead, Apple is finding ways to engage everyone, which has always been a goal for the company.

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